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Puerto Rico Appraisers & Consultants
First Name: Diego
Last Name: Sorroche-Fraticelli
Certifications: CMEA, BCA, ABAR, CDEI, MIE
City: San Juan
State: Puerto Rico
Phone 1: 787-782-8326
Email: diego@puertoricoappraisers.com
Furr Appraisal Service, Inc
First Name: Kevin
Last Name: Furr
Certifications: CMEA, SBA
City: Camden
State: Tennessee
Phone 1: 731-584-9800
Email: kmfurr@aeneas.net
Website: furrappraisal
The Appraisal Industry Leader, Kevin Furr, CMEA, is President and owner of Furr Appraisal Service, Inc. Furr Appraisal Service provides Machinery and Equipment Appraisal in addition to Real Estate Services.
Sunbelt Bedriftsmegling
First Name: Svein
Last Name: Hedloy
Certifications: SBA
City: Lysaker
Phone 1: 47 922-58685
Email: svein.hedloy@sunbeltnetwork.com
First Name: John
Last Name: Banks
Certifications: CMEA, SBA
City: Guelph
State: Ontario
Phone 1: 519-515-0001
Phone 2: 519-830-6513
Email: john.banks@linamar.com
Sunbelt Business Brokers
First Name: Greg
Last Name: Kells
Certifications: M&AMI, CBI, CMEA, BCA
City: Ottawa
State: Ontario
Phone 1: 613-731-9140
Email: gregkells@sunbeltnetwork.com
Greg Kells, Certified Business Intermediary, Life Member of the Institute of Business Appraisers, Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser, Business Certified Appraiser, Licensed Business/Real Estate Broker, is President of Sunbelt Business Brokers Inc. (Canada)
Tutor Perini Corp.
First Name: James
Last Name: Foster
Certifications: SBA
City: Sylmar
State: California
Phone 1: 818-362-8391
Phone 2: 818-519-8242
Email: james.foster@tutorperini.com
Website: Tutor Perini
Sunbelt Business Brokers
First Name: Ahtisham
Last Name: Fazli
Certifications: SBA
City: Ottawa
State: Ontario
Phone 1: 613-731-9140
Phone 2: 613-869-3503
Email: ahtisham.fazli@sunbeltnetwork.com
International Society of Business Appraisers
First Name: Howard
Last Name: Lewis
Certifications: M.S., CBA, CVA, ABAR, BCA
City: Irving
State: Texas
Phone 1: 954-482-1812
Phone 2: 469-288-5239
Email: hlewis@IntlBCA.com
Howard is the Executive Director of the International Society of Business Appraisers, Irving, Texas. Howard has extensive experience in the business valuation profession, both in top-level government leadership and private sector association management.
Johnson Appraisal Group
First Name: Chuck
Last Name: Johnson
Certifications: CVA, J.D., CMEA
City: Chandler
State: Arizona
Phone 1: 480-782-9291
Phone 2: 602-300-8176
Email: chuckjohnsonappraiser@gmail.com
Business And Asset Values
First Name: David
Last Name: Barnett
Certifications: CMEA
City: Moncton
State: New Brunswick
Phone 1: 506-381-8416
Email: dbarnett@alpatlantic.com
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