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Community Commercial Services
First Name: Leonard
Last Name: Neiman
Certifications: CMEA
City: Clinton
State: South Carolina
Phone 1: 864-833-1112
Phone 2: 864-200-0202
Email: ccsln@bellsouth.net
James Williams
First Name: James
Last Name: Williams
City: San Diego
State: California
Phone 1: 619-216-4507
Email: j.williamsappraisals@cox.net
Canadian Commercial Appraisers Group Inc.
First Name: Liviu
Last Name: Lehaci
Certifications: AM, CMEA, CPPA
City: Calgary
State: Alberta
Phone 1: 403-265-7551
Email: info@cc-ag.ca
MidSouth Auctions & Appraisals
First Name: Jamison
Last Name: Crouch
Certifications: CMEA
City: Rock Island
State: Tennessee
Phone 1: 931-808-2839
Email: jamison@soldbymidsouth.com
Independent Appraisal Experts
First Name: Cameron
Last Name: Cope
Certifications: CMEA
City: Sandy
State: Utah
Phone 1: 801-809-2565
Email: independentappraisalexperts@gmail.com
Mr. Cope has been a Certified Equipment and Machinery Appraiser from the NEBB Institute (www.nebbinstitute.com) since March of 2018.
ELI Inc.
First Name: Nikil
Last Name: Ojha
Certifications: BCA
City: FBD
State: Hawaii
Phone 1: 9999911111
Email: nikil@beckett.com
Frank Harbin
First Name: Frank
Last Name: Harbin
City: Bremen
State: Georgia
Phone 1: 770-415-7035
Phone 2: 678-977-7589
Email: frank.l.harbin@gmail.com
Jonathan Sladek
First Name: Jonathan
Last Name: Sladek
City: Cedar Rapids
State: Iowa
Phone 1: 319-329-4359
Email: jon@corridorcocktails.com
BGH Valuation Services, LLC
First Name: Brandon
Last Name: Hall
Certifications: CMEA, CVA
City: Monticello
State: Minnesota
Phone 1: 763-898-8653
Email: brandon.hall@bghvaluation.com
Has a strong foundational knowledge of accounting principles and appraisal methods. Specializes in providing business and equipment valuations for SBA lending purposes.
EAC Valuations
First Name: Nicholas
Last Name: Dooley
City: Paoli
State: Pennsylvania
Phone 1: 610-687-5855
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