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LAH Group

First Name: L.A.
Last Name: Higley
Certifications: PhD,MCMEA, BCA, SBA
Address 1: 44 Lazy Eight Drive
City: Port Orange
State: Florida
Zip Code: 32128
Country: United States of America
Phone 1: 800-825-9848
Phone 2: 386-871-3241
Email: lahigleyadjuster@aol.com
Website: www.LAHGroup.com

For the past 35 years Dr. Higley has enjoyed exercising the privileges of a Large Loss and High Risk Appraiser and Adjuster. He has excelled as an appraiser in the Aviation, Marine, Rail, and Commercial Trucking/Transportation fields. During his tenure as a Boeing 767 and AirBus A330 international airline pilot, Capt. Higley has been professionally recognized, certified, and awarded internationally for his expertise as a USPAP endorsed Appraiser and Accident Investigator by the NTSB, FAA, NAAA, ALPA, ISBA, and NEBB.

He is certified by the FAA not only as a Master Aviation Maintenance Technician and Inspector, but also as an Instructor & Pilot Examiner for all types of private, corporate, and commercial fixed and rotary wing aircraft. As an Aviation Maintenance Technician and Authorized Maintenance/Equipment Inspector, Capt. Higley is authorized by the FAA to maintain, overhaul, and inspect all types of aviation power plants, as well as various types of piston & turbine mechanical equipment.

Having operated an emergency air ambulance service Dr. Higley and his associates are also familiar with emergency medical equipment, hospital equipment, and surgical equipment and facilities. His background includes valuations for general medical supplies, surgical equipment, and specialized land, marine, and aviation patient transport vehicles.

His Large Loss credentials are further complimented by his experience as a High Risk and Large Loss Commercial Property Insurance Adjuster and Property Appraiser.

Dr. Higley holds licenses as a Commercial Real Estate Broker; Certified Large Loss Commercial Property Adjuster; Commercial Building Inspector; Commercial Mortgage Broker; and Large Loss Commercial ITV Inspector.

Presently, his firm (The LAH Group) has been awarded a three year assignment inspecting and appraising Large Loss ($75M+) Commercial property and equipment throughout Florida for a major international insurance concern.

His experience is further complimented by his formal business education. Dr. Higley holds PhD’s in Information Technology and Behavioral Health Sciences. His MBA in International Business and Finance makes his understanding of various business valuation models unsurpassed. His firm has been privileged to conducted business in 76 countries worldwide.

His past experience as a former Police Detective Sergeant, and his membership in the American Bar Association and the Lawyer/Pilot Bar Association rounds off Dr. Higleys’ experience as an expert witness. He has testified on behalf of both Plaintiff and Defense attorneys on both civil and criminal maters. He and his team of professional appraisers are available for domestic and international assignment immediately upon request.

Located in: BCA | MCMEA
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