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Big City Engineering & Consulting

First Name: Joshua
Last Name: Biando
Certifications: CMEA
Address 1: 4 Sigourney St
City: Oxford
State: Massachusetts
Zip Code: 01540
Country: United States of America
Phone 1: 508-410-6557
Email: biandoosh@gmail.com

Josh Biando

Josh has always loved learning how things work, and he started tinkering and deconstructing amusement park rides at the age of 12. He started designing his own games, developing personal inventions, and even painting the carousel horses, funhouses and signs. He went back to school to get his Engineering Design degree, with another degree in Science. From there he built Cedar Valley’s Wild Frontier Fun Park (the second largest amusement park in Michigan) and grew another land commercial company. Since then, he has developed a strong network of business professionals across many industries. He has worked in a wide variety of fields to learn about different businesses and their operations. This has enabled him to help both smaller and larger companies restructure their businesses to be more successful. Josh currently has 4 pending patents on his own ideas and designs ranging from the airline industry to toys and restaurant games.

In 2012, Josh suffered a hand injury that crushed his entire hand and caused CRPS nerve damage, but he overcame this obstacle with a “mind over matter” mentality and he refused to let it slow him down. He is currently pursuing a business degree while continuing his consulting and business building.  For Josh, his mind does not stop. In his spare time, he is an MMA and flying enthusiast. He believes that you can never stop learning regardless of whether it is in a classroom or in the field.

Located in: CMEA
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